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Why have Eagle Golf, Palmer Golf, Club Corp, over 20 smaller management groups  and 2000 premier golf facilities across the country in 42 states chosen PG Professional Golf ?

1. We consistently deliver professionalism, integrity and revenue our customers can count on.

2. We operate 30 offices in 42 states giving us the competitive advantage of being your local company regardless of where you are located.

3. We will sell 42,000,000 golf balls, in the next 12 months, that volume demands we service your facility more often producing more revenue for each of our customers.

4. We provide each of your facilities with two separate levels of $2,000,000 worth of insurance and a liability waiver.

5. We are 10 times the size of our nearest competitor, this gives us the leverage of paying you the highest level of revenue available in the industry.

6. We schedule each service 72 hours in advance at the convenience of your facility’s schedule.

7. We are always on call for emergencies from an intake valve issue to a board members putter finding the hazard.

8. We have a full green grass product line, with some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.

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