Nike, And Taylormade Are Tricking You.

Did that subject line get your attention? Good – then you must be my target audience! Nice to meet you – My name is Korey Shienfield and I am a marketing and sales strategist with 20 years experience in the Golf industry.

Here is a simple fact. Big golf brands control the pricing through the entire supply chain, ensuring they get the biggest piece of the pie. This leaves retailers in an odd position. They accept small margins in order to carry the brand but are not truly maximizing profits.

So What Can You Do About It?

Thankfully the answer is quite simple. Diversify!

By carrying Recycled and Refinished golf balls (collectively known as used golf balls or pre-owned golf balls). High quality used golf balls are indistinguishable from new and are an ideal way to offer significant value to customers (up to 80% off new balls) and margins rarely seen in the golf industry.

Who Retails Pre-Owned Golf Balls Now?

Since 1990 the used golf ball industry has matured into a relevant niche and an important niche for the golf industry, lowering the barriers of entry to the game and allowing people of all economic status to enjoy the variety of high-end golf balls available to the elite market.

Recycled and Refinished Golf Balls can be found in over 10,000 golf courses around the United States and are in every major retailer from general merchandisers, to specialty shops to clothing department stores and of course traditional golf and sporting good retailers.

Who Supplies Pre-Owned Golf Balls?

While the barrier to entry in the used golf ball business is relatively low, the supply is controlled by a few companies located throughout North America.

The leader in the worldwide recovery, manufacturing, and marketing of pre-owned golf balls is PGProfessionalGolf.


If the niche market of pre-owned golf balls interests you or your company, kindly get in touch today for a customized plan.

Korey Shienfield

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