I Asked A PGA Golf Pro How To Stay In Shape & Avoid Injury.

I was recently chatting with a golf pro who plays golf in one form or another every day. He hits a thousand balls on the range in a typical day and a lot of strength training. Being a curious guy i was eager to find out what his secret was to stay in shape and without injury. He gave me a few of his key exercises, showed me some examples, and went through his routine. Lucky for you (and me) I have compiled some of the key exercises into a list, now with random example photos!

Keep yourself in shape, and expect years of enjoyment golfing.


Wrist Flex



When it comes to perfecting your swing, the strength of your wrists is important. Curling your wrists up and down with a dumbbell in hand is an easy way to work out your wrists while you’re stuck indoors. Strong wrists will generate more power in your swing rotation—from start to finish.


Hip Extension



Do you still have a problem with the openness of your hips during your swing? Try the Bird Dog Hip Extension for better hip rotation without having to work like a dog: just be sure to keep your lower back and core still!


Back Swing



Improve your back swing with the Sweep the Dust exercise. It’s as easy as sweeping the ground with a club across your shoulders. This exercise will help you develop the correct shoulder movement for your back swing and repeating the motion will lock it into your muscle memory.


Finish Swing

Sometimes, the finishing touches make all the difference. Pay special attention to your finish with the Forward Shift. It helps your posture from impact to finish while promoting correct foot and lower body motion during the swing.


Lower Back                

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the Alternating Superman! Stretch your lower back as well as your spine, hips, and shoulders, by laying down and raising your opposite arm and leg at the same time—just like a flying superhero.



The core of a golf ball is the foundation of its performance, and the same is true for you. Strengthen your core with the Core Roll. This exercise will give you more power and stability in your swing, and give you an advantage if you’re seeking more distance.



Lunges might make you think of gym class, but strong glutes and quads are just as important for your swing as a strong core. For maximum control and distance, you should flex and engage your core and glutes to the fullest, throughout your swing. Try this classic exercise to maintain your strength and improve performance.

Exercise your right to keep the technique you have worked on all year. You don’t have to juggle golf balls while doing jumping jacks to incorporate golf into your workout with these exercises. And if your future performance isn’t quite enough motivation, let the reward of a new ball from knetgolf power you through your workout.

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