“This product is a MUST for every golf shop that wants to increase profit margins and add value for their customers!”

Tommy Chipman,

Director of Golf –Miami Dade, Crandon Golf @ Key Biscayne

PG has delivered prompt reliable service with exceptional  quality which is the type of service that keeps me coming back.

Chet Carter,

Quail Heights

PG makes it easy. The “one size” fits all golf glove really works for me by lowering my inventory costs. Good profit margin, too. Their “refurbished” ProV ReLoad Program keeps me supplied with a great selling product.

Ron Moxom, PGA


Ryan and the team at PG are nothing short of fabulous. The listen intently to your needs and delivery a solution,. The quality of the product is outstanding. Often there are options to fulfill our needs which is very appealing. I would highly recommend PG to anyone looking for experienced product needs. They do it better than anyone I’ve experienced.

Bill Abrams,

Balmoral Woods

I  started about a year ago as a Ranger at the Golf course. I always played golf, and wanted to be close to home and enjoy people. and Golfers are some of the friendliest people there is. Now ,one year later, after John retired, I became the Pro Shop Manager. I am looking forward to  another great year.

Roger Metzger,

Clerbrook Golf Club

PG Pro provides outstanding customer service.  We utilize three to four skus and have outstanding turnover rates.   Coupled with COS% below 50% and GMROI is nearly 600%!!!

Cary Perez,

Cedar Ridge

We run a two course charity golf tournament. Rather than give each participant a measly 3 ball sleeve we fill barrels with 3,000 of  your reload balls and let people help themselves. Best thing we ever did is fins you guys at the PGA show. Thanx for your support.

James Castle

Grampy’s Charities

Ryan does a great job with customer service.  Reload Pro V1 is our number one ball SQ.

Jeoff Hamilton,

Lake Spivey Golf Club

Great service, especially Ryan, thanks for the tour the process at Sugarland is incredible, the installations were amazing very creative and unique, very professional with the selections. Most of all extremely quick delivering. The only thing we might all want would be promotions more often.

Leon Garnica,

GR Boutique

Great company.  Very easy to deal with.  Ryan is always on top of everything and extremely courteous.

Matthew Licata

Blue Heron Pines

PGB Reloads and reconditioned PRO V1’s and X’s are our best profit margin golf balls. We use a fun custom packaging label which creates a buzz with our customers and staff. Great for tournament players who only play occasionally.

Mickey Byrne,

Saddle Rock Golf Course

Good service, quality, and price. Programs are aggressive to make some margin. Nice employees, I enjoy working with them.

Doug Sipe, Director of Golf

Desert Willow Golf Course

Great service, always doing a proper follow up on us. Price wise , your offers are always great and I buy all the time. Thanks for these and I always refer you.

Arnoldo Martinez,

100% Mexicano LLC

I have had PG Golf come to my lake and the divers clean out the lakes several times per year for the last 8 years. The divers are always prompt and schedule ahead before they come.  Then a credit gets applied and I buy the items that I need. PG has always been prompt and professional in their service. After eight years of a relationship… I am very happy with their entire operation.

Ernie Boshers,

The Georgia Trail

Great products at a great price.  Ryan is always available and willing to work with us to take care of our facilities needs.  Never pushy, trying to influence your order to products you may not need, just listens to what we want and makes it happen.

Bill Putz,

Bluewater Bay Resort

Great Company! TY!!!

Jerry Donahue PGA,

Golf Tour Trailer Game Improvement Center



Greg and the team over at PGBS always make it easy to place orders and make sure that their product arrives quickly.  I have never had an incorrect order and their price points make it easy for you to move product out the door.  Nowadays people aren’t wanting to spend a lot on golf balls so we end up selling more refurbished product than new.

Michael Travis,

Riverside Golf Course

We absolutely love Professional Golf Ball Services. Our golfers who golf here buy us out and we cant keep them in stock. Not to mention all the great customer service provided by Ryan and gets us our product in an unbelievable timely fashion. Thank you!!!!

Liz Thompson,

The Legends at Parris Island

Where do i start? I have been with you guys for 15 years at 3 different clubs.  You have the best recycled golf balls in the industry and the margins i am getting from your products are the best in my proshop by 20%. Not to mention that my retrieval credit pays for everything  making my financials look fantastic every month.  Thanks again for everything you do including those emergency visits to pull a cart or a putter out of the water for me!!!!

Mike Hoelzer,

Berry Creek Golf Club

In my 25 years as a PGA professional this company has always acted in a professional manner always got my orders correct and my orders shipped very quickly one company i could always depend on. It’s been a pleasure in dealing with pg golf.

Kelly Jensen,

The highlands cc

PG professional could not have been more accommodating. We always feel that are needs are met and are very happy to be able to do business with PG Professional anytime the opportunity arises.

Chad Perkins,

The Landings

Awesome company with great product and great sales people.  Ryan is fantastic and makes my job easier when he calls to see if we need anything.  True customer service.

Gary Kraft,

Quail Village

Love everything about website, contents and professionalism! Thank you for all you provide PG Professional Golf.

Bruce Hottle,

Williams PS

I’m a new customer and I’m impressed with knowledge and professionalism of the company.

James Bassett,

Bomoseen Golf Club


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