Top 6 Questions & Answers

Shocking but true! Selling the big name brand golf balls we all know and love no longer has to be an exercise in futility. There is a better way. A way where you invest less and earn more, while delighting your customers.

The name, Refinished Golf Balls. You may or may not have a feeling towards this subject, but please read on, as this may just help you earn more money.

When I bring up the word refinished in golf circles around the globe, eyebrows raise with curiosity. Faces contort in odd angles, as they ponder the differences, the credibility, and the place refinishing has made for itself in the consciousness of golfers. Most have heard but few have tried. Rumors swirl and empires fall (ok, that maybe going to far). Point is, the amazing refinished golf ball is still a misunderstood golf ball.

The secret to refinished golf balls is to start off with a great quality golf ball that has been cosmetically challenged. Perhaps it’s original owner was a sharpie fan, a golf ball artist, or the ball simply became discoloured. Since the refinishing process does nothing to the quality of the ball, we must start with great quality, or the golf ball will not pass the two vigourous rounds of quality grading.

Once these awesome quality, yet ugly to look at golf balls pass through our refinishing system (see video), they come out looking brand spanking new, minus all the discoloration of course!

Refinished golf balls then get split out into different packaging variations, to service the different customers around the world who resell refinished golf balls.

You may be wondering if refinished golf balls actually perform as well as the new golf ball it originated from. You may also have 100 other questions!


Here is a sample of the top questions I get asked from golf professionals before purchasing refinished golf balls for their business to resell.


Question 1: Are they really what they say they are or are you painting a top-flite?

Answer: We process tens of millions of golf balls every year and as the industry leader, adhere to the strictest quality control protocols. Our modern facilities and trained staff ensure we maintain a 99.5% accuracy rate.


Question 2: Do they actually perform as well as a top quality used or new golf ball?

Answer: Remember, these are simply used golf balls, cosmetically upgraded. We believe they perform just as well as new.


Question 3: Golf balls are a low margin category and not worth the investment, does the same apply to refinished golf balls?

Answer: No. Refinished golf balls offer high margin for you and a great low price for your customer. All with a much lower investment per unit than new golf balls.


Question 4: Do you carry any other refinished golf balls besides the obvious Titleist Pro V1 & V1x?

Answer: Yes. We carry most of the premium golf ball styles from the top brands. Click Here for an example selection.


Question 5: The big manufacturers make me carry a minimum. That minimum is substantial and I don’t have much room to buy, what is my actual initial investment going to look like and what will my ROI look like?

Answer: We are only interested in selling you the products we know you will be successful with. Typically we ask customers to commit to only 1 master case per style. It’s not uncommon for a new pro shop or golf professional to spend a bare minimum of $300 on an order, turn it into $500 and repeat. Obviously, that scale is adjusted by your unique circumstances.


Question 6: My (insert sales guy with furrowed brow when the word refinished comes up) rep says if I carry refinished golf balls that I am breaking the law, patents, trademarks, etc.. what gives?

Answer: Quick, dump all your product into the toilet and run for the hills! But before you do that, let me tell you that under no circumstance are you in violation of any rule or law. Refinished & Recycled golf balls are sold in just about every major North American retailer, and many in Europe, Australia, South Africa and Asia.