What We Bring to the Game

Integrity. Relationships. Leadership. Innovation. Passion.

Here at PG, we are passionate about building lasting relationships with each other and with our customers. We strive to blend youthful exuberance with seasoned veterans to create a synergy that satisfies the needs of our growing company and customer base. We appreciate hearing from our customers and are always striving to improve with innovative products that increase profits and exceptional customer service.

PG’s founders CEO Gary Krueger (pictured left) and VP/Partner David Jones (pictured right), former golf professionals and golf teammates at Texas A&M, shared a common vision. They saw diamonds in the rough (actually in the hazards) of golf courses everywhere. The errant golf shots, hit daily by golfers around the world, provide a never-ending supply of high quality golf balls. These balls lost in golf course hazards (many lost after only one hit) can be retrieved, recycled and resold with an economic advantage for the consumer. In addition, retrieving and recycling lost golf balls provides very worthwhile ecological advantages.

So what began in 1992 as an experimental hobby (washing salvaged golf balls in laundry machines) quickly evolved into a niche business with room for substantial growth. PG Professional Golf now staffs over 100 employees, has retrieval contracts with thousands of courses nationwide and ships millions of golf balls each year to mass merchants, sporting goods and golf retailers across the globe. Recognized as industry leaders, our focus is to provide excellent quality golf balls at unbeatable prices and we are proud that Reload® recycled golf balls is now the number one selling recycled golf ball brand in the world.

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Ryan Walter, Recycled Golf Ball Ace

“The beauty of recycled golf balls is that all golf businesses can succeed in selling them whether at a golf course, online or at a big box retailer. Buyers just need to try it! They never regret it.”

After graduating from the PGM Program at Methodist College in 1997, Ryan worked his way into becoming a PGA Head Professional. After many years in the day-to-day operations of managing golf facilities, he recognized a huge opportunity in selling recycled golf balls. Ryan joined the PG team ten years ago and his extensive golf management background has help him succeed in this niche portion of the golf industry. Ryan takes pride in selling Reload recycled golf balls to his customers worldwide and genuinely appreciates all the lasting relationships he has developed over the years.

Ryan’s interests when he’s not hard at work largely revolve around art; he has a passion for collecting art and even creating it. Other interests include visiting museums, galleries, live music venues, Broadway shows and plays.

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Marelisa Tomlinson, Executive Assistant & Project Coordinator

Marelisa is the Executive Assistance & Project Coordinator to the CEO and to the PG Professional Golf team. Marelisa has recently joined PG Professional Golf and she is excited to be a part of a great company.

She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Marelisa started at the University of Houston and graduated at the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor in Business Management.  She has a strong background in administrative functions, banking and credit.

Marelisa enjoys working with people and is a team player. In her time off she enjoys playing sports, being outdoors, reading, traveling and spending time with her family.

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Aaron Carruth, Inside Sales Professional & Ball Recovery

Aaron has been in the golf industry for more than 15 years and knows a thing or two about golf balls! Go ahead, ask him anything.  You will often hear him say; “Reload recycled golf balls are the number one selling recycled golf ball brand in the world. What a great way to introduce a better golf ball to more golfers.”


Jeff Wall, Vice President of Procurement

Have golf balls to sell? Looking for a professional agreement for golf ball recovery at your golf course? Is a win-win deal what you are looking for? Jeff is the guy you want to speak to!

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Daniel DeSimone, Sales Forecast/Wholesale Customer Service Manager

A man that can juggle a number of balls, and keep smiling! All after care sales and coordination are handled by Dan.

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Jeff Broker, Logistics Coordinator

So how do you get millions of golf balls shipped around the world, just in time? Jeff Broker is a logistical wiz and can get it done with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed for smooth sailing after the order leaves our warehouse!

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Accounting Department

Have an accounts payable or receivable question? Email us for the quickest response.

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Operations Department

PG Professional Golf proudly employs over 100 American workers based in Sugarland, Texas!