Top Reasons Why Consumers Buy Used Golf Balls

Golf is a sport built around buying, using, and losing golf balls. Those little white orbs can demand big money, and consumers pay. What we offer is the ability for retailers to sell the top selling new golf balls at great discounts compared to brand new, with no performance loss.

Below we outline the top 5 reasons the golfing community worldwide demands used golf balls, either in recycled grade or refinished grade.


Recycled Golf Balls Are Half The Price As New

$47.99 for a new dozen of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls or $23.99? Let’s do the math. $23.99 is 50% off $47.99, which means you can get twice the amount of recycled golf balls for the same price as new. Just think of what you could do with all the money you save!


Reuse Rather Than Buy New To Cut Down On Production

Golf balls are manufactured in top of the line factories using rubbers and plastics. I’m not a scientist, but I’m pretty sure the whole reduce, reuse, recycle mantra applies to golf balls.


Same Performance As New

If you can play the same ball and experience virtually no loss of performance, and pay half as much as new, why wouldn’t you?


You Could Be Playing With A Ball A Pro Used

We retrieve from some premium golf courses used for PGA Tour events, such as the Golf Club of Houston (Shell Houston Open) and Austin Country Club (Dell Technologies Match Play), which are notorious for water shots. Sometimes, we even get our hands on tour practice balls used on the range for PGA Tour events.


Because All Golf Balls Are Used After One Hit, Why Not Use One That Has Some Luck?

Maybe someone hit a hole-in-one with a golf ball before hitting it into the water 3 holes later, or they hit 3 birdies in a row before unfortunately losing it. That ball and its mojo could end up in your hands, and help you shoot one of the lowest scores of your life.